Meet Dionne

Dionne was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and currently resides in Decatur, Georgia. She is a mother of one and lover of all children. She has an early Childhood education degree as well as a BA in Business Management. Working as a Pre-school teacher, storytelling was one of her favorite activities.  Being dramatic with her voice as she spoke for each character, she held all the children’s attention as they listened closely to the story. It was her secret weapon for classroom management. Her storytelling brought the teachers peace and unity inside  the classroom.

Dionne was faced with the difficult decision to leave the classroom setting. She was handed a doctors report no one wanted to receive.

The Report Read: Stage 4 Breast Cancer.

The Strategy: Chemotherapy, Radiation and Surgery.

The Result: Turned the Pain into a Purpose.

Dionne was endured with the  decision to share this horrible report with her son. She did not  know how to talk with him. At the time, she did what she thought was best, which was hide, show no pain or sickness. Once the battle was fought and WON, Dionne felt the need to create a tool that survivors and people who love and support them, can use to start conversations with children about cancer. At that very moment, her purpose was found.

Her philosophies are faith based; and I quote, “At the very moment I started to believe what God says I am and not what other people always said I was is the moment my life changed”.

Dionne uses her pain and struggles to motivate and encourage other survivors. Parenting while surviving cancer is one of her biggest accomplishments. She believes being open and transparent through testimony can inspire others and that’s why she created the Purple Scarf series.


A note from the Author,

My involvement with enriching children through reading dates back to 1998. I have committed my life to encouraging children and young adults to follow their dreams despite the obstacles they may encounter. I’m excited about the next season in my life, which is publishing my book series and yours. I am a self-published author, owner of the publishing house entitled Dionne Monique Publication LLC, where I help writers become authors. Surviving every obstacle that has tried to deter me from my book publishing dream has made me extremely knowledgeable about the process. My mistakes have turned into learned lessons.